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The One & Only Amina Allam Sharing Her Beauty Secrets….

Posted by noharahhal in Fashion & Beauty on September 9, 2012

For me, Morocco is one of those exotic lands that I have only seen on TV, read about in books and have always wanted to visit. Not only is it known for the breath-taking nature, rich history and whimsical heritage but it is also well-known for the beauty of its women. Today I am featuring the dazzling Moroccan model, Amina Allam.

Amina Allam (Photo by: David Abdallah)

I first knew about Amina Allam through Mission Fashion 2007, a Fashion-design and modeling competition aired on LBC. Amina, who is of Moroccan and Finnish descent, charmed both the judges and the audiences all over the Arab region with her beauty, perfect posture, smooth walk and her dedication to modeling. Amina won the modeling competition and had the chance to work with big names. Recently, Amina has started ‘The Look by Amina Allam’, a fashion and beauty consulting agency in Morocco.

I have had the pleasure to interview Amina to know more about how she started off, her beauty secrets and her ‘The Look by Amina Allam’ agency;

Thank you Amina for this interview! Let’s start from the beginning; how did you become a model? And what made you decide on such a profession?

I was only 12 years old when a fashion photographer saw me in a fashion boutique in Casablanca with my mom and proposed to work with me. At that time, my parents thought that I was too young to model and wanted me to wait a few years. I had never really thought of modeling; although I’d always been passionate about make-up, beautiful clothes and especially shoes! At the age of 15, I had the chance to do an advertising campaign. My parents were okay with the idea at that time. Gradually, I started to receive interesting job offers and by the age of 17, I decided to make modeling my profession. That was when I left for Paris where I worked with 2 different agencies; Ford Model Management and First Models.

Amina Allam (Photo by Lorenzo Salemi)

How did Mission Fashion 2007 add to your expertise?

Mission Fashion was a great experience for me. Before joining it, I used to be very shy. I remember that when I represented Morocco at the Elite Model Look international finale in Singapore in 2003, I was hiding behind other girls all the time which didn’t help me a lot among more than 50 pretty girls who all wanted to win the contest and tried to do their best to be seen.

Mission Fashion helped me to get over my shyness and to talk and pose in front of the camera. It also gave me the opportunity to work with big names in the fashion industry such as Elie Saab. After Mission Fashion, I got the opportunity to work with Abed Mahfouz, Nicolas Jebran, Stephane Rolland for whom I wore his wedding gown during the Dubai Fashion Week, Barbara Bui, Christian Lacroix, Tony Yacoub and other great designers. I was also chosen to feature in the Zoughaib Jewelry advertising campaign.

Are you still in touch with any of the models or designers who were at Mission Fashion?

I’m regularly in touch with several models and designers from Mission Fashion! We became very close during the show. It may be difficult for someone who has never had a similar experience to understand what it’s like to spend 2 months behind closed doors with the same people and with very little contact with the outside world. There were some difficult moments and I even wanted to quit about a month before the end of the show, because living in this closed environment started to become unbearable. Thanks to all the great friends I made during this experience and their support, I finally had the courage to endure the heavy pressure until the end.

Amina Allam (Photo by Lorenzo Salemi)


What are the best/worst things about being a model?

The best thing is probably the fact that one gets to meet great people with different backgrounds and cultures.  Another positive aspect is travelling. For example, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Chile, a country that I may have never discovered, if I wasn’t modeling.

The best things can also be the worst: not all people in the fashion industry are great. Unfortunately, there are also people who do not have a lot of respect for models. I’ve been lucky enough, and have always been surrounded by people who wanted the best for me. Travelling is fun, but can also be extremely tiring. The fact that a model travels a lot makes it difficult to spend enough time with your family and friends. That was, for me, the most difficult thing to bear.

Tell me more about “The Look by Amina Allam”. How did the idea originate?

The idea to open a fashion and beauty consulting agency grew in my mind little by little over the years. I had already studied cosmetics in Morocco. In 2008, I took a break from modeling and headed to Montreal where I attended the Interdec College and became a professional make-up artist. The idea to have my agency was already on my mind at that time.

Ten years of work and study within the beauty and fashion industries have made me fully convinced that a person’s image is a communication tool; the best way to show one’s personality is through his look. So I thought; “Why not share my experience and studies, combined with all the small beauty tricks I have learned during my professional career with others and help them?” My parents encouraged me and my mother was interested to put together the project with me. This is how The Look by Amina Allam became reality!

Amina Allam (Photo by Lorenzo Salemi)

What do you prefer most; working as a model or as a stylist?

I like both, but after years of modeling, I definitely prefer being a stylist today. I love creating new looks, mixing colors, helping my clients to reveal their beauty. I feel like a fish in the sea in this new role. I also feel lucky to be able to continue within the fashion industry which has been a passion for me for so long.

Are there any other fields that you want to explore?

I’ve already had the opportunity to do a few video clips with European and Arab singers, including ‘Ma Assada’, with Fadel Shaker. I also participated in the making of ‘Whatever Lola wants’, a film by Nabil Ayouche and I loved it. If ever I get an interesting script, I may want to try acting…

Can you share with us some of your beauty secrets?

I don’t actually have many beauty secrets. But, I always make sure that I sleep enough, clean my skin twice a day, drink loads of water and hydrate my skin.

Amina Allam (Photo by Lorenzo Salemi)


People, don’t forget to visit Amina Allam’s Website, follow her on Twitter or like her on Facebook.




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